Tech & Analytic Based Consulting

We provide consulting services in the fields of HR and Management Strategy

Our Services

Based on our framework, where HR is related to two things in it namely, Job and People. Where the goal is to get equality between the Job and People who do it, it is very important, for us to identify and manage the gap between these two things. How do we manage this gap, then this is what we call the HR Management Infrastructure and the related HR systems in it. But along with current technological advances that continue to develop, of course, everything must be applied to the system, all integrated into one appropriate IT system. So that between the science of management and IT science meet at this time in accordance with the demands of the era, HR 4.0.

Our Expertise

  1. Organization Design
  2. Performance Management
  3. Competency Model Development
  4. Job Analysis
  5. Job Evaluation
  6. KPI Development (Job based)
  7. Career Management
  8. Talent Management
  9. Workload Analysis
  10. Recruitment & Selection
  11. Training & Development
  12. Reward Management
  1. Organization Vision, Mission and Values
  2. Organization Structure Review
  3. Strategy development
  4. Strategic Planning
  5. Corporate Strategic Alignment
  6. Value Chain Mapping
  7. Balance Scorecard
  8. KPI Development (Strategic based)
  9. Business Strategy
  10. Business Model
  11. Strategic Business Analysis