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Netika Indonesia

"Integrated HR & IT Business Solutions"

PT NETIKA INDONESIA is an international joint venture of Indonesia and Japanese management professionals. We are in the business of making highest impact to people and business performance through an integrated HR and IT business solutions. PT Netika Indonesia is based on years of committed and proven service to our numerous customers.

Our Services

Tech & Analytic Based Consulting


Based on our framework, where HR is related to two things in it namely, Job and People. Where the goal is to get equality between the Job and People who do it ...


QUNIE Academy is a certified training program in collaboration with Netika Indonesia and QUNIE Corporation, a global consulting company from Japan ...


We also provide technology-based services in the HR field. This is in the sense that it can cut down the administrative processes that are known to be quite inconvenient for employees and companies ...


We believe the wisest investment is on PEOPLE. When companies grow PEOPLE. We help prepare individuals, companies, and organizations for today’s global changes in the business ...


Our intelligent assessments quickly provide the insight you need to make informed decisions. And with concise, focused reports, you’ll be ready to really get to know candidates when the time comes to interview them ...


We provide services in the Human Resource Survey such as : Employee Engagement Survey; Employee Satisfaction Survey; & HR Audit ...

The Team

"All Netika staff are highly skilled, professional and friendly people who are passionate about BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT,
and we are ready to help deliver the best results for your business."

Pradono Wicaksono

Principal Consultant

Wicak holds Master Degree from PPM Management Jakarta.Currently he serves as Principal Consultant at Netika Indonesia where his role is also in business development, product development and Netika Indonesia’s services.

Haris Munandar

Sr. Consultant

Haris holds Master Degree from Universitas Indonesia. Currently he serves as Team Leader for Consulting Division at Netika Indonesia where his role to ensure all project member able to completed all Project in timely manner, and to develop each member to achieved high competencis in HR & Strategic areas.

Dida Erlina

SR. Consultant

Dida holds Master in Psychology from Universitas Gajah Mada Jogjakarta. Her background education confirm her strength in Assessment Center, Training, Psychological Testing and others soft skill area. She also certified in coaching, as a Coach, she handle various of Coaching session, and she’s now become one of the Coach in QUNIE Academy certification program.


Marketing Manager

Noviardy as a Marketing Manager. His role is to ensure Netika Training Program (softskill, management, business training areas). He has more than 20 years of expierence in Sales & Marketing fields, from numorous of Automotive, Insurance and Manufacture industries.

The Clients

"Some of Our Satisfied Companies that experienced our services"

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