Sovereign Plaza

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PT Netika Indonesia, a Jakarta-based joint venture of Japan and Indonesia corporations, creates and delivers business solutions that assist corporations to succeed in their business. PT Netika Indonesia's approach is from human resource perspective. PT Netika Indonesia is comprised of human resource consultants and IT consultants and engineers. PT Netika Indonesia's expertise in human source and IT enables it to turn human resource best practice into automated and computerized tools.

At PT Netika Indonesia, we leverage high quality Indonesian talents work with direct access to Japanese technology and know-how to reach Japanese as well as global market.

We are making positions immediately available for young, highly skilled and experienced Indonesian software developers to work at our Jakarta office at 22nd floor of Sovereign Plaza building in TB Simatupang (across Citos). See recruitment page for details.

PT Netika Indonesia
Sovereign Plaza, 22nd Floor
Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 36
Jakarta Selatan 12430
Mail: inq at netikaindonesia dot com